Why take your LTC class from Bruce Gilchrist?

Bruce Gilchrist has over 38 years experience as a law-enforcement professional and over 25 years as a firearms instructor.

He has taught over 18,000 CHL/LTC students. His decades of experience enable him to share important insights not taught in many LTC classes.

In addition to having a tremendous amount of experience, Bruce has a BS in Criminal Justice MA in Soc/Criminology. He is a gunsmith and an NRA patron life member.

Contact Bruce Gilchrist to register for a class in the Alvin area at 832-298-4097

For any questions, e-mail Bruce at gil@libertyarms.org

How Do I Get My License To Carry?


Take The Class" section: "Register for your Handgun License Class by contacting Instructor Bruce Gilchrist at 832-298-4097. If you have questions send them to gil@libertyarms.org


You must submit an online application to the State of Texas for a License to Carry.
Full details can be found at Texas.gov.


After you complete the application on-line, you schedule an appointment with Morpho Trust (Formally L-1 Services) www.ibtfingerprint.com to have your fingerprints scanned.